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DropPin now available on Google Play!

Forget where you parked your car? What building your physics class was in? What about where you stored all of your money in the Albuquerque, New Mexico desert? DropPin is just what you need to alleviate last minute navigational headaches and frustrations. Next time you want to remember an important spot, simply open the DropPin app, and press the pin action button in the lower right hand corner. That’s it! Link to app on Google Play

Why Programming is only 10% of a Software Engineering Position

Entering into college was probably one of the most humbling moments of my professional career. Before submitting a single college application I had worked on a number of paid programming projects, but I realized rather quickly that I had a lot to learn about life and my career. To get to the point, which really is the point of it all, is that I could be a Good Will Hunting programming prodigy (read: I’m not!), but without effective communication / valuable life skills I would be just another cocky, mediocre college kid who thinks he’s entitled to his dream job at Google. My epiphany came to me...

Android: Binary Search Tree Project v1.1

I’ve updated my Binary Visualization project with a searching function. Going forward I plan on creating a standard interface and library for each of my structure / algorithm projects and combining them into one application.