Android + iOS Tool: – Automated BDD UI Testing

When developing mobile applications with a large team, especially on open source projects, it is essential to ensure your UI is being automatically tested. Not only will this prevent commits that break UX, but will also save time and make things easier for your developers. Calabash does this by using Cucumber scripts (Plain text user stories) to automate button presses, text inputs, and will even tell you if a particular String appears on your screen. In fact, you don’t even need to be a developer to write a Calabash script. For example, a calabash script to test renaming a note:

Scenario: Renaming a note

Given a new note

When I touch the title

Then I should see “Rename”

When I enter “A New Name” into the “Rename” input field

And I touch the “Done” button

Then I should see “A New Name”

And I delete the open note

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