A challenge to the insecure entrepreneur: You gave me my career

I get it. Being an entrepreneur can be discouraging. In fact, it can very often end up costing you everything you own. Family and friends may not understand the reasons you pursue the things you do. They don’t see the vision, the greater picture. People say you’re crazy. My word to anyone who is discouraged with where they are at, overwhelmed with finances, or any other worries that have come your way because you chose to pursue your dreams is this: You gave me a career.

The reason I can work a salary based Software Engineering position today and provide for my family is because of several entrepreneur’s who risked everything. All through middle school and high school I was hired to make mobile apps by people who legitimately believed in me. They paid me money regardless of my age, regardless of whether or not they would break even, and regardless of whether or not they would even see a deliverable product in the end! I was invested into by people who had more experience in the corporate world and because I was willing to accept that wisdom with a humble heart I was tremendously blessed.

My encouragement to the struggling entrepreneur is to take heart. Learn from those willing to invest into you as a person and not as a startup. Teach the aspiring entrepreneur to not lose their child like wonder of building, creating and inventing. One day, your smile won’t be from a venture capitalist, but from seeing a boy become a man after you have invested into his life.

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