Android Project: Fork of Google “Meter” live wallpaper

Though I’m still working full time I couldn’t help but get my hands dirty with some code over our Christmas break. I wanted to create something I would use on a daily basis as well as have that “cool factor.” Thus spawned the idea of modifying Google’s data centric live wallpaper “meter” for Android. My fork currently adds a settings page that can be configured to do a GET from two URL’s and display that information atop of your Android Desktop.

My initial use case for this is to display system status from my office and home Macbooks such as CPU, fan, and battery info, but I’m sure there will be many more ideas. I use a simple while true; do wait; done script as well as iStats to send this information from my Mac to my website via a curl.

Deadlines are fast approaching at work but I imagine I will be putting some more commits into this one for a while. Check the project out on github.

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