Android: Merge Sort Visualizer – One Million Integers

After getting back from Stanford’s iD Tech Programming Academy yesterday I thought I might try improving some of my own projects instead on working on others for a change. I took to my old Merge Sort Visualizer for Android and decided to optimize rendering, threading, improve random seeding, and more. After all of my optimizations, sorting a million integers is no longer an exhaustive task for the renderer. To do this I made the following changes to my code:

  • Cut off rendering for any objects off screen (duh!)
  • Added boolean flags during generation and sorting to avoid null pointer exceptions
  • Thread blocking that will recursively complete actions such as re-seeding or sorting after active operations have finished
  • Only added data objects to Merge Sorter class when a merge sort has been executed

To see my full Merge Sort Visualizer for Android check out my projects page.

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