Zack Matthews

Three solutions for Multi-Platform Application Development

As the tech / mobile age continues to advance forward, more entrepreneurs are hiring devs to push out the latest and greatest mobile app ideas. Anyone who releases a product wants to reach as many consumers as possible. For us developers, that often means developing the same app multiple times for different platform architectures. To make things as simple as possible I’ve written up three options that can drastically reduce multi-platform development time.   AngularJS / Web App with Native Device Wrapper or PhoneGap Interface Component Design w/ Injection Framework Microsoft Azure / Active Directory For All Platforms   AngularJS is...

Microsoft Tampa Hack-A-Thon 2014 Roundup

Awesome day today at the Microsoft Hack-A-Thon! Came out with an anonymous chat mobile app where you have to guess what country the person you’re texting with is from. Facebook’s Parse backend proved to be a really useful library for this. Too much fun! I’ll have to catch up with these guys again.

The Hour of Code is here

Hour of code has been pushing STEM education forward and raising up the next generation of STEM innovators. Anyone ages 4 – 104 can understand coding. You never know if you’ll find your passion. Give it one hour!

Should Google Run a City?

Interesting write up. Technology is already in the hands of just about every American citizen. Could this be the future? Read more…

Projects Page Updated

For anyone interested in looking at actual code that I’ve written, feel free to head over to my Projects and check it out. The two projects I’ve added were never completed products, but offer insight into my development process and the logic behind every line of code I write. With each passing day I’m always trying to make my code look better and better.

LinkedIn experience / Resume updated

LinkedIn Profile I’ve begun to post a bit of my personal life here on my site, but this space is primarily to advertise me as a person. Not only am I Software Engineer, but I enjoy music and a wide variety of other things. These are not mutually exclusive in my book. When I walk into my job I’m there to work, I’m held responsible to my work, and the greatest priority is my work. With that said, I believe every area of life should be experienced in color. If hired, you’re going to get a colorful, smiling individual who...