Category: Algorithms

Raspberry-Pi: Motion light switch

My latest little side project has been utilizing a Raspberry-Pi to turn on lights via motion detection. Here’s a quick run down of how I got this working. What you’ll need: – Raspberry Pi w/ Raspbian – Webcam – Hue lights – Motion ( First things first, head over to the motion github page to get that installed on your Pi. This will do all the heavy lifting (why re-invent the wheel here?) as far as motion detection goes. Motion will let you specify a script to execute if it recognizes motion in a specific area of the screen or...

iOS Tools [5.0+]: FXKeychain – The stress-free, easy to use Keychain wrapper

FXKeychain, by nicklockwood just saved me about an hour of brushing up on the latest changes to Apple’s already slightly complicated password manager library, Keychain. What would otherwise be a bunch of convoluted C calls with ARC complications and a myriad of other caveats, FXKeychain provides a ridiculously easy to use wrapper that resembles something intuitive that we should all be somewhat familiar with: Dictionary syntax. To insert a value into Keychain: [FXKeychain defaultKeychain][@”password”] = sipAuthPassword; To retrieve a value: [FXKeychain defaultKeychain][@”password”]; That’s it! Somebody give nicklockwood some love!

Pi Zero Update and the future of computing

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on my experience with the Pi Zero so far. I haven’t done any circuitry or wiring, but have been crushing up on my breadboards / circuits. However, I did set up a hole in my firewall to setup SSH, VNC, and a WeMo switch to power my Pi remotely. All in all, this was a really cool experience to learn more about networking, terminal, and how to maximize computations with limited memory / CPU power. Diving a little deeper, I wanted to see if I could whip up a quick IoT app last week. In...

Press: iD Tech Updated Success Story

So grateful to iD Tech (Programming Academy) for the kind words and update of my story with them. iD Tech has had one of the greatest impacts on my career and I would recommend them to anyone looking to spend a summer learning about or teaching others about Software Engineering. To learn more about iD and read about my experience with them check out the updated story over at iDTech‘s site.

Android Project: Fork of Google “Meter” live wallpaper

Though I’m still working full time I couldn’t help but get my hands dirty with some code over our Christmas break. I wanted to create something I would use on a daily basis as well as have that “cool factor.” Thus spawned the idea of modifying Google’s data centric live wallpaper “meter” for Android. My fork currently adds a settings page that can be configured to do a GET from two URL’s and display that information atop of your Android Desktop. My initial use case for this is to display system status from my office and home Macbooks such as...

Tools: The Little Schemer

If you’re a CS student or Software Engineer candidate trying to master your data structures / algorithms I HIGHLY recommend checking out The Little Schemer on Amazon. If you struggle to think recursively this book will be one of your greatest resources. Digging into it now and it is definitely not for the faint of heart!